Our Story





Founded in the United Kingdom, Tasseti is an online fashion store that aims to bring the world’s classiest accessories to every gentleman.

It started with the idea to improve men's outfit and continued with a relentless determination to bring the world's classiest accessories at a 5x cheaper price tag than the traditional brick and mortar stores.

We made it happen by creating valuable relationships with manufacturers who commit to excellent craftsmanship and ethical practices. By doing so, we managed to free ourselves from middlemen and sell directly to you at a 5x more affordable price tag for the same quality. Therefore, buying directly from us allows you to bypass all the additional costs involved in traditional import and reselling of goods (such as importer/distributor fees, retailer store expenses, branding/marketing, packing, store rent, and more).

We believe that luxury, quality, and style should be accessible to every gentleman.

Join our mission to support individuals in search of gentleman's essentials!


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